Khrangsuri Waterfall Meghalaya

North East India, is known for the home of Himalayas, valleys, and escaping nature with admiring the beauty. The extreme North East India, is a destination welcoming travelers to search for the overwhelming beauty of nature and best chosen destination is none other than Meghalaya. What do you understand from the term Meghalaya? It is a state which is known for wonderful beauty and recognized in the entire world for observing the highest rainfall throughout the year and making the meaning ‘Abode of clouds’. Tourists from all over the world desire to make a trip for this green and white combination attraction of Meghalaya.

Meghalaya a spell bounding beauty blessed to North East India-

Cherrapunji, Meghalaya

Cherrapunji, Meghalaya
(By Sumanjit100 [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons)

The most unique destination in Meghalaya is Cheerapunji. It is noted as a major attraction of the State, as it is the place where you can experience rainfall, or say the highest rainfall record. Visiting Cheerapunji, is like walking and living in a dream land, a favorable temperature, clouds playing hide and seek. It also gives a pleasure like you are walking tearing the clouds, and walking in some other land not on rocky land. The environment is peaceful and the nature breaks the peace with the music of chirping birds, pouring rainwater, waterfalls and much more. If you want to experience the nature and its melody, then Cheerapunji is all alone in the entire world.

Caves and valleys for adventure and trek-

Meghalaya is a land of unique natural, built limestone caves, which gets built up after heavy rains. These caves are unique to witness because of its natural shapes and designs. The cuts, length and depth everything of these caves really gives a perfect scenic and enchanting view. The range of Gharo and Khasi hills and Himlayan folds gives an escaping chance to escape into the green valleys. These valleys are a track for trek and enjoying the adventures of forests and valleys. The wildlife, the nature of adventure into wildlife and flora and fauna everything is an open in Meghalaya valley giving the State a perfect tourism and trekking an option with adventure.

Explore unique tribal community and culture-

North East India is known for unique community which is tribal community. The tribes live in the dense forest and their living is entirely different with modern lifestyle. It is really surprising to see, that tribes are cut off with latest communication means and any other means of network and communication. Also, it is very interesting to explore the wildlife and living of tribes, as they still follow their own culture and tradition and even traditional clothes. They are friendly to travelers, but their own community does not mix up with the outside world. Spending some of the days with tribes is unique and give you the best time of your life to explore the living and lives in dense forest.

Hill stations a destination for silence and romance-

After the monsoon season, the beauty of Meghalaya reaches extreme. It is greenery all over and becomes a perfect tourism spot to plan with your partner and family. The rain gifts the enthralling beauty of hills and valleys and prepares it for tourism in winter. As the monsoon season gets over, the valley grows more green and prepares for admiring and spellbound attraction.

Rest in escaping nature this winter-

The trip to Meghalaya, a package of honeymoon tour, queen of hills, and North East India tour, is calling this winter. The washed hills and greens of Meghalaya, gives favorable climate and best destination to plan in winters. You can choose for romantic getaway as a honeymoon tour, or enjoy a splendid vacation with your family and friends. Cool climate, a good time under the waterfalls and attractions of Meghalaya a perfect combination for theme tour packages.