Holi Festival in India

India the land of fairs and festivals is best known in the world for Holi. Every year when internet, is uploaded with blogs and fresh and new pictures of Holi festivals, it is admired by the whole world; those people who wish to plan for India tour definitely dreams for Holi tours in India. It has given a prestigious fame to India and every year India hosts maximum international travelers during the Holi festival. This festival spread the message of unity and enjoy the colorful festival hosting international guests.

The joyous festival of colors-

Holi is deeply connected with spiritual color and tradition of the country. Holi means ‘Brij ka Holi’ which is connected with Lord Krishna. Among Indian God, Lord Krishna is believed as the reason for the celebration of Holi. Entire celebrates Holi, but Brij ka Holi is something not to miss. Brij is the devoted land to Lord Krishna and it is believed that still Lord Krishna blesses the land and is present spiritually. Holi is celebrated because Lord Krishna killed the demon King and believing the Hindu mythology, people of Brij celebrate Holi for ten days. Flower, gulal, lath maar Holi are major attractions of the Brij Bhoomi.

Joyful color festival

Image by GLady from Pixabay

Experiences only to be experienced in India-

If we say Holi is special of India, then this really means a lot. Every city of India, celebrates with its own enthusiasm and own signature style. Majorly North East India is decorated for Holi celebration and hosting the travelers. Let us check top reasons which make Holi a special one-

  • Take a break from the busy world
  • Meet your inner child
  • Welcome spring in your own style
  • Spread love and unity
  • Taste mouthwatering special cuisine
  • Enjoy your own color
  • Drench in color and vibrant music
  • Feel yourself as a canvas

Cultural festival drenched in color of brotherhood-

Holi has its own history and Holi celebration is not just limited to throwing colors though having diversity. Every state has its own message of Holi and its celebration. Every different religion unites together to celebrate it and enjoy the love of togetherness. It has many things to speak in terms of culture, tradition, science and Indian mythology.

Holi tour to India is a complete package to enjoy the different shades of India with Gulal and the color of love. The most demanding festivals of India decorates itself with loud music, bhang, color, special cuisine and traditional values. Adults and children together make Holi with color and water guns, and enjoy the Holi special; Gujia, Namkeen, sweets and lots more. Enjoy the phalgun with welcoming spring and making your memorable Holi in India.